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Health & Fitness

City of Logan council approached Map Creative to develop a new brand strategy and identity for their Leisure Centres group, which included gyms, pools, courts, and health services. Like an 80's workout video, the brand had experienced a decline in relevance over time, so we put on our sweatbands and got to work.

To get the brand focused and fighting fit, we created a comprehensive positioning strategy alongside a vibrant new suite of graphics which, together, established a holistic health and fitness environment built on inclusivity. Under the new name 'Logan Active', we inspired locals to move with purpose and get fit for life.

Logan Active Brand Guidelines
Logan Active Brand Guidelines
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We lead locals to move with purpose, in a way that goes beyond the cosmetic. No matter what path they tread, we offer a holistic environment that nurtures connection, Improvement, confidence, and rehabilitation, with support at every step of their journey. Each day we are guided by our core principles of inclusivity, acceptance, and community, never losing sight of the city and people we serve, yet with an ambitious eye for the future and what’s possible tomorrow.

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