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City of Logan - Proud City Campaign

Logan’s reputation challenges were well known, yet over-reported. Our brief was to create a campaign that would inspire optimism within the community and develop a positive narrative for the city. We developed the Proud City campaign to empower Logan to own their rough edges; to stand proud as a beautiful work-in-progress and to take pride in being a little rock ‘n’ roll.

We shot video and photography of Logan’s many colourful characters and communities. We listened to their stories and created content to shine a light on the incredible contributions they make. From a criminal prosecutor turned image consultant to an Afghani child refugee turned women’s soccer coach, we captured the many positive stories everyday locals had to share.

Our campaign video drove the city pride message: “You can’t force authentic. You can’t fake real. It takes tenacity to know yourself in the face of judgement”. This sentiment was applied across billboards and adverts throughout South East Queensland with equally edgy headlines such as “Diversity is our DNA” and “No One Ever Called Us Boring”.

But we didn’t stop there. We built a website and media portal that delivered positive local news to empower the City of Logan to change the media narrative. With a hugely diverse cultural community, we designed the website with exceptional accessibility and language standards for inclusivity. The Proud City campaign is an invitation to look past the labels and dig a little deeper.

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“Map Creative think outside the box, are truly collaborative and most of all they dug deep. They get us, our city and our community and this shone through clearly in the Proud City campaign. Map Creative enabled us to tell the story of Logan in a way that it has never been told before.”

A. ScottMarketing Manager, City of Logan