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City of Logan engaged Map Creative to develop a brand strategy and identity to introduce their emerging tourism offerings in Queensland. Our strategy positioned Logan as a genuine alternative to the clichéd picture-perfect tourist destination, and instead targeted unpretentious urban explorers seeking unique and authentic experiences.

With a vibrant new brand indicative of Logan's colourful characteristics, we launched a destination marketing campaign to encourage visitors to 'experience different'. With itineraries full of hidden gems from Buddhist temples to breweries and go-carting to cultural centres, we presented the City of Logan as the real deal destination that it is.

Campaign Videos

We produced a TV commercial (above) highlighting Logan’s key differentiators, and six short videos (below) for online advertising targeting adventure seekers, culture buffs, foodies, hidden gem hunters, party people and those wanting tranquillity.

Explore Logan's Adventurous Marketing Video
Explore Logan's Green Pockets Marketing Video
Explore Logan's Global Flavours Marketing Video
Explore Logan's Cultural Stories Marketing Video
Explore Logan's Hidden Gems Marketing Video
Explore Logan's East & Beats Marketing Video

Brand Development

Explore Logan Rebrand
Explore Logan Branding
Explore Logan Branding

“We are the city of cultures, a real deal destination for urban explorers, where you’ll be welcomed as you are. Here, you’ll discover hidden gems; culinary surprises; excellent arts and events; sporting passion and a twist of adventure. We have a library of rich stories waiting to be told and authentic experiences to be offered. It’s for when you want a little bit of city; a little bit of country; a little bit of alternative; and a whole lot of time out.”

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Explore Logan Visitor Guide
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