With the Covid lock-down, you may be asking yourself WTF do I do now? Well, this could be the time your brand always needed. Here lays a fantastic opportunity to evolve and plan. We’ve partnered with our friends at The Weekend Edition to come up with six tips to get your ducks in a row.


01. Review Your Website

Now more than ever, your website is the face of your business, so it’s essential to ensure that its functionality and design is up to scratch. The creation of new websites and upgrades can be entirely managed remotely, so this is an excellent opportunity to work on your brand’s digital health without leaving your home or office.

If your site is not mobile friendly, difficult to navigate, looks dated or is simply not performing the way you had hoped, then contact us to see how we can help. We have designed websites for some of Brisbane’s best brands and pride ourselves on helping our clients create kick-ass content for a truly engaging user experience.

Laptop and coffee
Evolving a brand

02. Evolve Your Brand

Brands build trust and loyalty, and it’s a huge (and often time-consuming) step to evolve and rebrand. If you have been considering elevating your brand to the next level but have been struggling to find the time, well – now you’ve got it! Alternatively, depending on your industry, an evolution in this current climate might be essential. We say, seize the day!

Focus on the positives and use this as a reintroduction to existing and new audiences. Remember that your brand, both current and future, deserves time and careful consideration, especially when you are identifying your brand’s values, objectives and outcomes. Time consuming, but damn exciting.

03. Is your SEO an SE-NO?

If the term SEO sounds foreign to you, it’s time to get yourself acquainted. In short, search-engine optimisation (SEO) increases the quality and visibility of your website in search engines when someone searches for you or your related service/industry. If you want to see your business on the first page of Google (and it’s not already), then you need to seriously look into your SEO.

Investing in excellent SEO will greatly assist in driving traffic to your website, however if you’re starting fresh, it can take weeks to index (or register) with Google. This downtime is ideal for creating searchable content, populating your site with stories, features, case studies and more, and ensuring your keywords are in place.

Map Creative’s team of exceptional writers can tailor make content to appeal to your audience, in your business’ voice, while still ensuring it’s reaching its maximum SEO potential. We can assist you with keywords and searchable content relating specifically to your industry and audience.

SEO work
Writing a brand strategy

04. Write a Strategy

When was the last time you wrote a 12-month strategy for your business? Even if it was recently, we can bet that the landscape is significantly different to the one you projected.

Questions you might be asking yourself are – how will your business recover from this downturn? What are your revised goals and objectives, and how will you achieve them? What are the tools you need to succeed?

Now is the perfect time to create effective strategies and plan for the future – think about how you are planning on communicating with your audience when the dust settles.

05. Plan Your Re-entry

Remember how we promised that we would come out on the other side? You should already be considering your re-entry. Both your business and your industry will be marketing hard when this situation is under control, so we highly recommend starting to plan and develop your campaign strategy so you are ready to go.

Your key objective will be getting customers through the metaphorical (or physical) door again and you will want to strike immediately, while the iron is hot. Pull together a bag of tricks to whip out once things settle down so that you are forward-thinking and ahead of the pack.

Brainstorming with post it notes
Laptop and coffee

06. Learn, Baby, Learn

If you’re finding yourself with a fair amount of time on your hands, it might be the perfect opportunity to upskill. Regardless of our position and experience in business, it never hurts to further our education. As is particularly apparent at the moment, the world is a wild and ever-changing place, and we are constantly being challenged with new information and technology. Be honest with yourself and consider the areas that are holding you and your business back, then look into investing in further education, tutorials or new software that can benefit both you and your business in the long run.

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