Project Scope




The City of Logan tasked us with developing a brand strategy and visual identity to collectively showcase the city's thriving arts, culture and entertainment sectors. We took a deep dive into Logan’s vibrant arts community to unearth the true essence of the brand and the community.

The result is this Logan Arts brand - a dedicated platform that breeds co-creation and highlights the unique identity of Logan’s dynamic arts scene. A brand that inspires and engages a culturally diverse arts community that encompasses a wide array of perspectives.

Logan Arts Brand - Logo
Logan Arts Brand - Poster
Logan Arts Brand - Brand Guidelines
Logan Arts Brand Bag
Logan Arts Brand - Curators of Culture

“We are a collective made up of creatives, curators and connectors, dedicated to nurturing arts and culture in the City of Logan. We exist to foster and enable a deep level of engagement between artists and their stamp of self-identity and the audiences searching for an escape that illustrates the wonder of the world around them. We love our city, and by providing platforms for artists to inspire the community in places where knowledge and imagination meet, we are building a stronger City of Logan.”

Logan Arts Brand - Dancer
Logan Arts Brand - Statement
Logan Arts Brand DNA
Logan Arts Brand DNA
Logan Arts Brand - Logo