Project Scope

Graphic Design


Food & Beverage

CJ’s Pasta has been crafting artisan pasta products in Brisbane since 1996 and today are one of Brisbane’s original pastaios (pasta makers) specialising in fresh egg pasta and mind-blowingly delicious lasagna. Our brief was to reinvigorate the CJ’s brand to bring it into the modern age whilst paying homage to its long standing local heritage.

Taking inspiration from the nostalgic Italian brands of yesteryear, we developed a brand with a contemporary take on a classic aesthetic. Once the brand was locked, we got to work on their product packaging and brand collateral. The result; a striking, scaleable and distinctively unique product line that personifies quality and commands attention.

CJ's Pasta Lasagna
CJs Pasta Box
CJs Pasta Lasagna
CJ's Pasta Brochure
CJs Pasta Board
CJs Pasta Stamp
CJs Pasta Social Media
CJs Pasta Knochi
CJs Pasta