Visitor Guide - 2019 Edition (read more)

Brisbane Visitor Guide

Magazine design and content showcasing Brisbane’s best restaurants, cheap eats, shopping, events and tourist attractions.

We are so excited to continue on this journey with Brisbane Marketing and supporting their vision for a new world city. This is the latest in a series of publications of which we have been producing in partnership with them for over 10 years. Brisbane is a beautiful city with loads of hidden gems that we as locals love, however perhaps not so easy for visitors to find on their first trip. So Brisbane Marketing approached Map Creative to create a visitor guide that tourists could refer to for tips, tricks and local knowledge.

As a Brisbane Creative Agency, we were presented with the challenge of reworking the visitor guide to ensure it was not only beautifully designed, but specifically useful for overseas visitors who were completely new to Brisbane. We focussed heavily on the visitor experience, immersing ourselves in the customer journey to not only highlight the best attractions but also understand the challenges of visiting a new city. From pre-planned itineraries and local tips, to ensuring map icons in the magazine matched the wayfinding signage around Brisbane city, we reviewed every single touch-point to ensure the visitor experience was as smooth as possible. The result, a 56 page guide that focusses on pragmatic function, excellent content and engaging design.

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