creativity unleashed

Let’s not sniff around the bush – our Map Creative team is full of top dogs. Each one of us brings
something special to the table … when we’re not too busy jumping up to eat what’s on it.
We’re pawsitive that our team can create whatever it is your heart desires – and we promise
to keep our eye on the ball the whole time (even if you do one of those trick throws).



Every band of mutts needs a leader who is able to keep everyone happy – think of Sam as Map Creative’s golden boy. He may sometimes have trouble holding his phone due to a lack of opposable thumbs, but you can be rest assured he’s always there to listen and help.



We sure are glad that British bulldogs made it to Australia, because our team would be lost without Lloyd. True to his breed and hard-partying past, his hips aren’t the greatest – but his ideas are second to none. You can often find Lloyd laugh-wheezing into a burrito.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 8.34.36 am.png

MANAGING EDITOR - Chrisanthi Demos

True to her collie roots, Chrisanthi can herd even the most rowdy group of hounds into formation. Her years of experience as an editor have equipped her with a nose for quality (and cheese, and deli meat) coupled with expert attention to detail.



With a reputation as the resident long-boy of the office, Josh will always stretch himself to meet any crazy client requests. Unlike most pups he has a fondness for fruit (crunchy apples are his number one), and his favourite bands are Hootie and the Blowfish and Reef (arguably the same band).


SENIOR DESIGNER - Issy Stringfellow

True fact – this canine is a ray of sunshine. Issy is the first to jump in and lend a paw when things get ruff in the Map office, using her optimism and creativity to find solutions to any problem. Her contagious smile, can-do attitude and caffeine addiction are always a delight to behold.   



As the team’s token pup, Lochie is a bright young thing full of boundless energy and ideas. You’ll often catch this little scamp eating anything within sniffing distance, making everyone laugh with his antics and going the extra mile to please our clients.


IMAGE RETOUCHER - Mick Critchley

If you’re ever in a spot, Mick is the top dog to clean it up (and contrary to popular dog myths, he is certainly not colourblind). His sharp eye and attention to detail keep our images looking tip-top – just don’t wave treats under his nose while he is working because he’s prone to distraction.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 3.59.01 pm.png

COPYWRITER - Georgia Brooker

We know what you’re thinking – dogs can’t read, much less write! Well, this one can – Georgia is our go-to pup for all things wordy. She enjoys long naps, treats and people telling her that she’s a good girl … one of those positive reinforcement types.



Known for her fabulous hair and quick wit, Lauren is the office’s go-to gal for keeping everything organised. You’ll never find her in her kennel – she expends her energy bouncing around between clients and searching for someone to scratch behind her ears.


COPYWRITER - Lyndal Hall

The best time to get described as ‘extra’ is when it comes to your prose, and Lyndal certainly brings the spice to her copywriting. We’ll never know just where she gets her beautiful, floral vocabulary – maybe from digging up roses in the garden.



When it comes to the world of design, a different perspective can make all the difference – which is what Tahlia brings to the table. Don’t let her quiet demeanour fool you – this clever pup is always hard at work creating beautiful, engaging and functional content that gets tails wagging.


HEAD OF DIGITAL - Montgomery Paws

Behind every great pack of dogs, there’s a cool cat who keeps the digital cogs running smoothly – and that’s our Monty. Who knew that felines were so adaptable? He might be easily distracted by laser pointers, but he sure as hell knows his way around the web.