Sunday Social on the Green


There is nothing quite like enjoying a laid-back afternoon on the green by the river – good music, fine wine and great company combine to evoke the romance and charm of a time gone by.

So when South Bank Corporation approached us to take a detailed look into one of their most successful initiatives, Sunday Sessions on the Green, with a view to revitalise their current branding and positioning, we jumped at the chance!

Our approach included a gentle nod to the French sophistication of yesteryear. We took inspiration from early 20th century art – a time when simplicity and bold, contrasting colours were en vogue and the height of elegance. It was also imperative that we retained the true spirit of this quintessential Brisbane experience.

To quote Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Our strategy also included a subtle name change to align with how the event had evolved over time. 

Sunday Social on the Green is an invitation to kick off our shoes and escape our busy lives for an afternoon – a time and place where we create beautiful moments of contentment and find ourselves saying, “I love living here”.

Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Branding and Animation

sunday social on the green
sunday social on the green
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